The Lamp with Enamel cap can not burn kerosene ?

Recently, a friend passed a message over, asked the lamp with enamel cap that can not burn kerosene , because enamel will crack?

Enamel will crack or deformation, the main reason is a single material, or a variety of bonding materials, after heating , the cooling rate of contraction is not the same, resulting in mutual pull, resulting in stress. With the use of what oil be no relationship, the main reason is to shrink the cooling rate.

Enamel , I am not an expert, but there must be different type some better, some may be worse. The same product production, different times will use different type of enamel, or the same period of the product, the same type, different time production, because the process parameters are different, may cause the same enamel products, the durability of future will different. So it is strange to lead the problem into it worth to use kerosene with enamel.

At present, there are a lot of lamp’s cap is enamel, such as, 200P, 1200, M320, 246, 551, 981, 991, 1020. 1321, etc., are working with kerosene system, if the assertions are can not use kerosene, can only say that only ignorance will say such remarks.

And if the kerosene in the europe is better than Taiwan , then the lamp we bought from foreign , the lamp cap enamel should not split, in fact , it is also cracked sometimes , Does someone specifically come abroad to buy kerosene in Taiwan? So the kerosene I think will not be the main reason.

Another enamel pot or enamel kettle also the design can be used with the fire,the most important thing is not into cold water , it will let enamel split, so smart like you, do not let Ignorant lead you to experience the use of vaporized lamps.