KVL-1 L’Inverno Preorder now

2018 vaporization lamp – Milky crackle glaze vase Pre-order now , only $13000 , The delivery period is January 2018 Recently, a carburetor has been sold on Ebay, with a bid of GBP 3200, and this is really a shock, but we don’t have to go with it. also can enjoy the feeling , and the new vision In winter , outside snow , windy and cold , light the lamp, enjoy tea and quiet. The vase with cracked glaze is as lake ice cracked , ready to waiting spring arrived. It’s pre order now , please check follwing link…. https://www.kitelamp.com/shop/kvl-1_inverno_en/?lang=en Include parts as follows: 1. uni-burner 2. Tank 3. 7-Inch Vaporiser 4. Long-controlled valve 5. Pump 6. Gallery 7. Diamond glass 8. Preheated and alcohol cans 9. Mantle 10. Milky crackle glaze vase #Kitelamp

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